Members have taken full responsibility for the feeding scheme. Each member contributes to this scheme by taking a turn on a six monthly basis to provide a meal for a community. Members purchase the ingredients and prepare the meal and distribute the meal to the community of their choice usually needy communities that are located near their homes. Communities are supported in the following areas: Flamingo Informal Settlement in Landsdownne, Pooke Road Informal Settlement, Kuilsriver Street Community, and Bokmakierie informal Settlement. The meals range from sandwiches with nutritious fillings, soup and bread to cooked meals (vegetarian and non-vegetarian). The number of beneficiaries varies from 35 to 200 people per feeding event. On certain occasions like Festivals (Deepavali) several members group together to jointly feed about 1000 persons per feed.  During these (Big) feeds large pots and utensils are hired to provide for the increased volumes. As the need for food is growing owing to the worsening economic climate the feeding scheme is set to grow and it is envisaged that the public will be canvassed more vigorously for their support. The project would like to feed indigent communities more frequently; like weekly. See more under Feeding Scheme.

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All donations can be made to the following account:

Name     : Straight From The Heart
Bank     : Nedbank
Branch   : Cape Town Station
Br Code  : 10098900
Account #: 2004968923
Account  : Savings Club Account

Please make sure as to include the project as a reference. All contributions will be gratefully acknowledged and are tax deductible.

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