Straight from the Heart (SFTH), from inception, was formed as a proactive response to the suffering that its members were witnessing around them. From hunger to the unique needs of the members of the community SFTH has been responding since 2002.  Ad-hoc projects at the outset focused on specific medical needs of children and other community members; however, the supportive initiative finally distilled to the feeding scheme and the Education Support Programme (ESP).

Education Support Programme (ESP)

While the feeding scheme served to provide for one of the basic needs of indigent families once on a monthly basis, members were concerned that the feeding scheme had very little long term sustainable effects. Feeding became effective if it was well targeted and served to alleviate the hunger of those who really needed it. It was a concern of members that the provision of meals to a needy community had the potential to generate unintended consequences. Amongst these was the freeing up of resources for adults to engage in unhealthy habits like alcohol consumption and drug use.

Consequently, the ESP was launched to use education as a driver to reduce poverty. The motto ‘to remove a household from poverty in the shortest possible time’ was coined. It was deduced that the shortest time it could take to remove a household from poverty was seven years. This entailed providing support to a learner who has potential from grade 10 to the end of a tertiary degree would result in a household being removed from poverty when the learner was gainfully employed.

After the foregoing rationale was adopted by the members, fundraising efforts were undertaken with members being the main contributors. Friends, family, work colleagues and other philanthropists were canvassed and support was obtained to support two learners from Grade 10 in 2011. The project is in its 6th year with One candidate is in her final year studying Alternate medicine while the other is in her third year of studying Public Administration at Cape Town universities. See more under ESP


The organisation responds to other events that confront the community. These are: disaster relief-where support (cash and Kind) is provided to the Red Cross to assist communities affected by fire, inclement weather and other factors. Celebratory support is also provide when children are provided with party packs during Christmas. Assisting schools has taken off in 2015 and our first project was painting a Grade R Classroom at Kukhanyile Primary school in Khayelitsha. Painting projects will be done on an annual basis.


SFTH will continuously keep its ear to the ground in order to respond to the needs of the community. There is a great need for able communities to respond to the many needs of the impoverished communities and SFTH, though well-endowed with responsible members, are in need of more similar minded contributors who will assist SFTH to move to the next level in its response to the needs of communities.

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