'Words without deeds is like a body without a soul'


Due to the difficult financial circumstances currently members have had to shoulder the responsibility of funding the activities of the organisation. These ranged from paying for the costs of the monthly feeding to making monthly contributions to the ESP project. The envisaged expansion of the ESP and the progressively declining economic climate has demanded that other avenues be considered for the sourcing of funds for ensuring the continuous operation of SFTH activities.

There were two fundraising mechanisms that were accepted by the members. The first being the identification of at least two contacts per member who will be approached to fund the organisation. Contacts were to be established at large corporate institutions, medium sized enterprises (franchisers) and small business/sole traders/individuals. Members were work-shopped on the process to make the pitch to each of the different categories of prospective donors. A detailed document providing the steps to be followed before, during and after the pitch
had been made was fine tuned and made available to members. Members were given the option to make the pitch on their own or to request support from other members of the organisation. A few pitches had been made by individual members either verbally, through presentations or application forms as requested by organisations. This process will have to be intensified in the next two months so that positive results can be achieved.

The second mechanism was the hosting of functions (Dinner parties, etc) by individual members at their homes that involve them making pitches to their own circle of friends and relatives. This had proved very successful in the past and members were encouraged to make use of this method, particularly during the festive season.

Members were very aware that the organisation had reached a tipping point where public buy-in into the concept of the ESP was imminent and that members had to 'bite the bullet' for just a short period further when more voluntary funding from outside the members will be forthcoming. A period of hard work and austerity will be rewarded in the very near future.