'Words without deeds is like a body without a soul'


Feeding Scheme

Indigent families within impoverished communities were provided with meals - hot food, sandwiches, fruit and soup - on a regular basis. Areas covered include Athlone, Bokmakierie, Rylands, Lansdowne, Phillipi, Khayelitsha and Kuilsriver. Depending on the area we fed between 100 to 200 people per feed per month.


Dry goods were supplied to various organisation to improve the nutrition of babies and children. Organisations assisted include Beautiful Gates (HIV/Aids children) and Browns Farm (Aids Clinic). Approximately 50 children were attended to per year.

National celebration festivities

During Christmas and the Hindu festival of Deepavali party packs were distributed to children in impoverished areas. We were able to supply about 400 children per festivity. During alternate years, a Big Feed was planed and catered for 700-800 people. During Mandela month, every member of SFTH contributed in some way or other to the national call of 67minutes.

Financial Assistance

SFTH fundraisers provided financial support to many organisation, namely, Cape Mental Health Society, Heatherdale Home, St Francis School, St Georges School, S.O.S., Dolphin Educare and Red Cross Rare Disorders Division.

Educational Support Program (ESP)

Two learners were provided with a bursary from Grade 10 to Grade 12 (commencing in 2011). The aim is to see these learners through another 3 years of tertiary education. In doing so and through education these learners will be able to remove their families out of poverty and will be able to give back to their own communities. Learners are provided with financial, academic and emotional support. Honesty, respect, accountability and mentoring forms part of their social responsibility.