Educational Support Program (ESP) 2013

The ESP project has run its course for three years. The two learners, Nasiphi Mjuleni and Tandie Nkosi, have now completed their final year of secondary education and have passed with flying colours.
Key problem areas have been identified last year and have been put into effect as early as the January school holidays. Mathematics and Physical Science tuition have been provided on a weekly basis for the year. The tuition has added great value, as our learn-ers have produced very good results.
This is SFTH pilot project and was an eye opener to the needs of the under-privileged and disadvantaged communities surrounding us. Selection of the candi-dates was indeed a difficult task as everyone inter-viewed had serious issues to overcome. Major rea-sons for this dilemma is the disruption of family life and the desertion of the main breadwinners of the family. It is equally amazing to discover how these
families survive the hardships. In order to appreciate this, one needs to witness their life in squalor and poverty. Our main aim of this project is to extricate a family from the depths of deprivation through educa-tion and support. It has been estimated that it would take a minimum of 7 years for this to happen. The ESP project will lend itself to at least 6 years of support. Making this possible is the financial support of our sponsors, the time and effort of our private educators and the concerted effort made by members of SFTH. This is a winning team and I am sure we will witness the start of a new life for at least two families at the end of our pilot project.
There is nothing to surpass the joy and jubilation ex-pressed by these learners when hearing of all the help they have received. There is nothing to surpass the joy and jubilation we experience when we see this happening.
Our learners are now able to pursue tertiary education and we thank you all for your
invaluable assistance.